Early Applications and the Common Application

Though there were many glitches associated with the introduction of the new Common Application this year and much confusion and consternation as a result – including many colleges adding the Universal Application to its accepted application – there seems to have been little impact upon the numbers of early applications submitted to selective colleges.  Students persisted in getting their Early Decision, Early Action and Restrictive Early Action applications in on time, and the results have been impressive gains for many colleges:

Brown University:  up 2%

Columbia University:  up 5.4%

Dartmouth College:  up 6.7%

Duke University:  up 26%

Georgia Tech:  up 37% (note:  Georgia Tech is a first-time user of the CA)

Kenyon College:  up 17%

Northwestern University:  up 14%

Princeton University:  essentially the same as last year

Reed College:  up 43%

Swarthmore College:  up 8%

University of Pennsylvania:  up 6.6%

University of Virginia:  up slightly from last year

Yale University:  up 5.6%

Stanford University:  up 14%

For reasons yet to be determined, a few highly selective colleges saw a decrease in early application submissions:

Williams College:  down 12%

Middlebury College:  down a little from last year

Bowdoin College:  down a little from last year

Harvard University:  down 6%

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