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Why Hire An Independent Educational Consultant?

College choice is a major decision for the entire family, one that has become increasingly complex, competitive and time-consuming. IEC's bring knowledge, skills and personalized attention to students and families as they navigate the college admissions process. When a student receives one-on-one professional guidance and the family has an opportunity to discuss their goals and concerns in a supportive environment, college selection can be a productive, positive and enjoyable experience.

Independent Educational Consultants Are:

  1. Available.
    Because IECs aren't tied to any particular school or school calendar, they are available to work after school, in the evenings and on the weekend. Much of their most important work occurs over the summer months getting seniors ready for the fall application season.
  2. Responsive.
    Deadlines are key in the world of college admissions, so Consultants have to respond promptly to emails, phone calls and, yes, texts.
  3. Knowledgeable.
    Consultants spend significant time visiting college campuses and attending professional workshops, conferences and college fairs. It's virtually impossible to get a feel for the uniqueness of a particular college without visiting on a regular basis.
  4. Credentialed.
    Reputable IEC's maintain memberships in organizations such at HECA, IECA, NACAC or local NACAC affiliates, all of which require specialized education and experience and a commitment to continuing education.
  5. Local.
    Most IECs work locally with students in their surrounding communities and must familiarize themselves with individual school district policies and academic offerings.
  6. Ethical.
    Consultants subscribe to specific Principles of Good Practice governing the actions of consultants in their relationships with students and families, schools and colleges, and with colleagues.
  7. Connected.
    IECs seek out businesses and colleagues who provide additional services needed by college-bound students and their families. They often recommend academic tutors and test prep companies with solid records of success.
  8. Committed.
    The best consultants are committed to the idea of college access for all – regardless of background, race, or income. Most provide pro bono services to low-income families or serve in volunteer programs, supporting their communities.
  9. Parent-recommended.
    Informal surveys suggest that as many as 90% of families seeking college consulting services are referred by other families.