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Client Testimonials

"Working with Linda made all the difference in our college search and application experience.  She spent many hours with our son not only on the specifics of the applications but also the intangibles of finding the right fit.   Whenever we, or my son, wanted to meet or call her, she always made herself available.  Her depth of knowledge of the colleges and how best to position our son for acceptance is amongst the very best in her industry.  I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Parent of Wheeling High School Graduate, Class of 2016
Princeton University, Class of 2020

"Linda was invaluable in helping our daughter navigate the college application process. Her approach is thoughtful, personalized and organized. She provided excellent guidance in identifying a list of appropriate schools and expertise throughout the application process. But perhaps most helpful for us was the way Linda was able to coach our daughter through a mindful evaluation of her choices, eventually leading to a final decision about what school to attend. Having Linda on our team made this potentially overwhelming process manageable."

Parent of Evanston Township High School Graduate, Class of 2016
Tulane University, Class of 2020

"Thank you so much Ms. Turner! I look forward to what Duke may hold, but I do want to say thank you once again for all you have done to help me reach this point! It's been a pretty crazy journey leading up to now, but I could not have done so without your guidance! I am extremely proud of the outcome, but also proud of the choice I made to work with you as I feel like I grew a lot as a person and learned a lot more about myself in these last few months."

Graduate of Stevenson High School, Class of 2016
Duke University, Class of 2020

"Linda provided peace-of-mind for us as parents, and structure and support for our daughter.  She kept us on track, meeting with our daughter weekly during key periods, providing guidance on everything from where to apply to what makes for a good essay. She is very quick to respond to questions and extremely well organized. The whole experience was remarkably low stress, which it surely would not have been had we been on our own."

Parents of Northside College Prep High School graduate, Class of 2016
Oberlin College, Class of 2020

"Linda was a magnificent partner; she was kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable about the process– in sum, invaluable. I can honestly say that after our first meeting with Linda, both my daughter and I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from our shoulders.  Linda immediately established an easy rapport.  She took care to get to know my daughter and to discover what she was looking for in her college experience. Linda allowed us to experience the excitement of the upcoming college experience while taking away the anxiety surrounding the process."

Parent of Lincoln Park High School Graduate, Class of 2016
University of Arizona, Class of 2020

"Our daughter entered the college search process both excited at the number of opportunities she had available to her, and yet feeling overwhelmed with the copious number of choices. Linda worked with her every step of the way to guide her through the entire process. That process included helping her build her high school resume, introducing her to schools that matched her in ways that she never considered and then every aspect of the application process."

Parent of Maine South High School Graduate, Class of 2016
Kalamazoo College, Class of 2020

"Linda was an incredible resource.  She helped our daughter understand what she was looking for in a university, suggested schools to explore, recommended ACT tutors, strategized on recommendations, brainstormed essay ideas, and reviewed her applications.  Linda’s expertise was apparent to our daughter and she respected and followed her advice.  The bottom line is that our daughter had the confidence to apply early-decision to her ideal school, and she was accepted."

Parent of Evanston Township High School, Class of 2016
Emory University, Class of 2020

"You have done another masterful job in bridging the gap between us, uber type A demanding parents who want our child to reach maximum academic potential, and our bright, fragile and scared high school senior. Through your excellent insight and guidance, both of our children have able to attend elite colleges that are exceptional respective fits. You expertly helped our son find his college essay voice and his passion for learning. We simply could not have achieved our kids’ admissions success without you. I want you to know, you diffused an enormous amount of family stress and are certainly at the top of your game!"

Parent of New Trier Township High School Graduates, Class of 2015 & 2014
Colby College, Class of 2019
University of Michigan, Class of 2018

"You created such a supportive and positive environment. Your advice always led me in the right direction. I had such a great time coming up with essay ideas with you; you always found a way for me to capture and express my true character. Whenever I left your office, I felt so much more positive and motivated about my future and my opportunities. I truly wouldn’t have been able to get through the college process without you."

Lake Forest Academy Graduate, Class of 2015
Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Class of 2019

"We have used Linda for three of children, each of whom had completely different interests.  Our last child has an interest in the arts.  She helped put together a comprehensive list of potential colleges that included a balance of safeties, matches, and reaches.  Throughout the process Linda communicated directly with our child and helped him to organize his approach and timing and to perfect his essays.  She was available whenever he needed her.  Linda made the college application so much less stressful."

Parent of New Trier High School Graduate, Class of 2015
New York University – Tisch School, Class of 2019

"Without the help of Linda, I would have been lost. She made the college application process easy and not stressful. She also helped me become a better writer, and actually get into the honors program of my school."

Evanston Township High School Graduate, Class of 2015
University of Wisconsin, Class of 2019

"The personal touch combines getting your expertise in really to know both the student and the family, tailoring the selection of colleges to each individual student.  Coupling this with your individual work with the student through the essay writing and the application process is phenomenal. You not only focus on the students but also shepherd parents through what can be a complicated process. The individual attention that we received from working with you has been beyond what we ever expected.  With your guidance, our sons have matriculated to wonderful places that fit each of their personalities."

Parents of North Shore Country Day Graduates, classes of 2015 and 2014
Princeton University, class of 2019 and Middlebury College, class of 2018

"When I came to Ms. Turner, I had no idea what I was looking for in a college. Fortunately, we had a number of productive conversations regarding my ideal college experience, and from there, Ms. Turner helped me tremendously with the application process. From reviewing my Common Application to offering advice on the essays, I would say that Ms. Turner was the single most helpful resource throughout the application process."

Stevenson High School Graduate, Class of 2015
Stanford University, Class of 2019

"Linda helped me navigate the college process with patience, kindness and a great deal of knowledge. She worked closely with me to narrow down my list of schools, made lightning quick edits to the many versions of my common app essay and soothed me during last-minute phone calls before submitting an application. She was there every bit of the way, and made this bewildering time more easeful and pleasurable. Thank you Linda!"

Frances Parker High School Graduate, class of 2015
Princeton University, Class of 2019

"Linda has worked with our family for a number of years, helping navigate the college process for our two sons. Very different journeys with wonderful results for both. Linda is an excellent communicator, helping us understand the landscape ahead, and steps along the way. She got to know our boys, helping them discover what qualities were important to them as they investigated possible colleges. She nudged (sometimes firmly) our sons, when needed, resulting in a less-stressful search and application process. Overall, her calm, positive approach and encouragement was wonderful."

Parent of New Trier High School Graduate, Class of 2015
Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 2019

"Linda worked with both of my children.  She took the time to really get to know each of them and guided them towards finding a variety of schools where they would not only be happy but would meet their academic goals.  In both of my children’s process, Linda made calls to colleges asking the questions that we would otherwise not get answered.   She was a master at helping them hone and polish their essays in order to present their best self.   This alone was an incredible time saver when there often isn’t enough.  I cannot stress enough the sense of calm that Linda creates during the process, which can really make researching and applying to college enjoyable!  Best of all, Linda has a great sense of humor and can quickly change a stressful situation into one filled with laughter."

Parent of North Shore Country Day Graduate, Class of 2015
Bowdoin College, Class of 2019

"I have just recently been reflecting on my college experience so far and I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all the help you gave me over the past couple years in helping me choose the right college. I have never been happier than I am now at UT and have really found my place here— the Liberal arts honors program has allowed me to take some awesome classes, and I have met great friends who I see myself being friends with for the rest of my life."

Glenbrook South High School graduate, Class of 2015
University of Texas, Class of 2019